Hospitality or Customer Service?

Hospitality and customer service things. They follow many of the same rules, though. Many people who work in customer service have great hospitality skills. So, why is hospitality asset are different than customer service? Well, it’s because they are different. When we speak of hospitality, we’re talking about how you receive and treat the guests or strangers into an environment that is warm and friendly. Hospitality is something you should see an any business setting, whether it’s a hotel, restaurant, or any other industry. In fact, it is best to be hospitable towards anyone¬†you see, whether in your line of work or your personal life. Thhis post is brought to you by our friends who do handyman services in Roswell Georgia!

Generally, the hospitality industry employs people who work in restaurants, hotels, or convention centers. There are several jobs within the hospitality industry, including concierges, convention center planners, maids, bellhops, hotel clerks, executive shelves, hotel general managers, reservation ticket agents, gaming dealers, and housekeeping cleaners. The majority of these jobs are held within the hotel industry. The service people are actually trained to give the customers wonderful service each and every time. They are responsible for well for me people and making sure they are comfortable within their lodging elegies, as well as ensuring it is clean before the customer arrives. It is their responsibility to work continually to ensure that everyone who visits their place of employment arrives feeling comfortable and welcomed.

Customer service, on the other hand, is seen more often in restaurants and retail stores. The customer service is closely related to hospitality, it is actually a whole different ballgame. Customer service focuses around giving the customer excellent service, which is similar to that of hospitality, but hospitality focuses more on the overall experience.

Of course, even the customer service and hospitality are two different jobs, they are each important in business, whether you work in retail or as a hotel clerk.