Running Your Hotel as a Service

Most hotels run one of two ways: as a service or as a hospitality. In this blog post, we will discuss running the hotel is a service.

First, we need to understand what the service is. There are many definitions available for the word, but the general consensus is that it is the process of doing something for someone. To serve someone is to handle the task for them. The hotel industry, among others, provide services to their customers daily. For instance, one service many hotels offer is fast food. The employees serve the guests but had little interaction with them. These days, though, guests are looking for more experiences, for service to be taken to the next level. That is where hospitality steps in. The hotel gains much value from their hospitality. This post is brought to you by our sponsors at!

Hospitality shows it’s worth through interaction. You can show hospitality by helping a guest with their check-in, cleaning their rain, taking their order at a restaurant, providing them a drink in the lounge, or many other ways.

Let’s look at one example. Imagine a customer coming into the hotel. At check-in, they are greeted and asked if they could be helped. The guest lets the front desk know they have a reservation, and the agent asks for their name and ID. This is a short process that only takes a few minutes from the time the guest steps into the hotel. A service has been provided to me guest, but has there been any hospitality show?

To be hospitable, the clerk should take a little time to engage the guests. Doing so can enhance the interaction and help the moment to become unforgettable to the guest.

Making a moment unforgettable for the guests is imperative to the success of a hotel. These days, many chain hotels look and feel the same as the next. There are so many similarities between them that they can be hard to differentiate.

What do your guests feel and remember about the service they receive at your hotel? Research shows that guests tend to remember hospitality, not service. They remember when someone smiles it then and cares about taking care of them. Those are the interactions that bring them back and make them loyal customers.